Standard Controls
(Revised: 04/01/08)

These standard controls are used throughout the software.


This button will display a screen that allows adjustment to the graphic display in the background.

OK or Close

This button closes the current dialog or tab, saving all the data that you input or revised.
Depending on the systems expected action of this button, you will either be advanced to the next option level, or be returned the previous level or possibly return back to the tree level.


This button closes the current dialog or tab, disregarding any revision you made.
If you pressed the Apply Button while making modifications, this Cancel Button closes the dialog or tab, disregarding all the revisions you made after pressing the Apply Button.


This button is similar to the OK button, except the current dialog or tab does not close.
This allows you to make additional modifications with the opportunity to use the Cancel Button, saving the data that was input prior to pressing this button.


This button will display the Help Dialog Screen for the current dialog or tab.